"Game On" is designed to give players ideas on what skills to master on their own at home. There are two DVD's, the 1st Disc shows individual players what skills to practice and master on their own at home and is as easy as watch and practice. The second DVD is for 2 players, with exercises and ideas of what to do at home. With both DVDs there are over 120 exercises for players to master and practice.

Over the years Gordon has found that most players within football clubs were coached by Dads, whilst enthusiastic, lacked the knowledge of and or demonstration skills of what young players required to develop into fine young players. "Game On" allows players to improve their individual skills at home and at their own pace. The DVD covers a broad range of skills which include Juggling, Quick Feet, Cuts and Turns, attacking dribbling skills, 1st touch, passing short and long and shooting.

There are many DVD's out on the market, endorsed by professional players increasing the cost of the particular DVD, which only demonstrates a limited amount of skills. We feel "Game On" although locally produced here in Brisbane, Australia is a step above and reasonably priced at $35.00
For info on the "Game On" DVD please contact Gordon Tulloch on 0418 157829

Retail Price: $35.00